Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mary's Testimony on The Twins

I am horrible at blogging, especially of late and the last few posts I have done have been very personal to me and my little family but I want to be able to remember these details and also have something to pass onto the girls. I also have felt strongly of my need to share this miracle and my testimony to all who would like to read it. I have been meaning to post this post for some time now but I am just now getting around to it. I received an email from Mary after I posted my thoughts on the miracles of the girls. She was sweet enough to share to us her side of the miracles and story. It was so neat for Jay and I to be able to hear the story before we were even in the picture. Mary lives in the same town as Raquel...the twins' grandma. She has been such an example to us and such a blessing to be able to get to know her. Below is Mary's testimony: "The moment I met Raquel, my heart did a little leap and I knew that I needed to invite her over for dinner. Weeks passed and that yearning to have her come to my home continued. I was so busy with my little ones and the demands of going to school that I didn’t know when I would be able to do it. I didn’t know anything about her, I just knew that my heart felt love toward this woman who probably had many burdens and I wanted to help in some way. Around Thanksgiving my husband, whom I wouldn’t call the overly charity kind, told me that he wanted to do something special for a family for Christmas that year. He was so adamant about it that I agreed to do it. When we tried to think of who should be the beneficiary of our meager offering, Raquel’s name immediately came to my mind. I couldn’t replace her name with anyone else that seemed in need. Not having much money to give, I decided to make quilts from the left over fabric I had in my fabric bins; besides it gave my children an opportunity to participate in the process. By this time, I understood that Raquel’s daughter had given birth to twins and that they were being cared for, but I didn’t realize that Raquel was doing it on her own. I also didn’t know that she was trying to do that while caring for her two teenage sons, and two toddler-aged grand daughters. Trying to get the quilts done and all of my other Christmas priorities was pretty daunting, but my heart was full of peace and I knew it needed to be done. We dropped the quilts off the Wednesday prior to Christmas. We visited with her for a little while and held the new babies. Raquel began to express her own burdensome feelings of trying to care for illness with her sons and all of the many demands of trying run the household with very little income and now twin newborn girls. She explained why she hadn’t been able to get to church for the past several weeks: There weren’t enough seats in her car now that the twins had been born, and she didn’t know how she was able to manage the toddler girls and the twins when she got there. We offered to take her to church that following Sunday – which was Christmas. Deep down I knew that if Raquel got to church that everyone would witness the needs she had and would be willing to help. Walking into church carrying the twins with the toddler girls trailing behind turned quite a few heads. My heart took a leap because I knew this day needed to happen. From that moment on, I started getting inquiries about Raquel, the babies, and the many burdens she was dealing with. It also formed a trust between Raquel and I – that she knew she could rely on me for help. Driving home after church that day, I said, “So when can I take the babies so you can have a break?” I was surprised when she said, “Can you take them Tuesday?” That Tuesday was one of the most beautiful days of my life. All day my daughter Lydia and I just sat and held those little angel-girls. The sweet Motherly feelings that come from holding a newborn swept over me again and I suddenly had the strongest urge that these babies needed to be in the arms of a Father and Mother who wanted them. That Saturday I began a fast that was more earnest than I had fasted in a very long time. I pleaded with Heavenly Father to place these little girls in arms of those who were best for them. I did not know his will, but I knew my desires for those babies were real and strong. After that day, I began to have long talks with Raquel about her feelings for the babies. There were many questions about what her rights were as far as caring for the twins. I began making inquiries, but wasn’t getting very far. It wasn’t until Maria Draper called telling me that she was having concerns regarding Raquel and wanted to know how she could help (no doubt the spirit was working here). I told her about the legal dilemma and she offered to call a family relative who was a lawyer in Vale. It didn’t take her long to set an appointment. Come to find out, the lawyer she contacted had already been handling Raquel’s legal cases regarding the older girls. Maria said, “Normally I’m not the kind of person to get involved with people’s personal decisions, but I have this feeling that this needs to be taken care of now!” (I hope this line sounds familiar). The following week Raquel and I drove out to the lawyer. He told us of our options and seemed to know exactly what to recommend. He highly stressed the importance of getting an immediate-temporary guardianship on the twins so that the mother wouldn’t take the babies away once she realized that Raquel was filing for permanent guardianship. We got all of the paper work accomplished and felt relief that the babies were safe, and that Raquel then had legal right to allow someone to properly care for the babies while she tried to get herself back together again. It was right at this time that Rachelle Phillips called asking if she would be granted the opportunity to watch the babies extensively until more permanent arrangements could be made for the twins. My heart had to smile with gratitude to witness the hands of charity once again. I knew that if the babies were no longer under Raquel’s care that she would be more able to make realistic decisions about them. Rachelle truly was an angel to take them full time. I knew she had many sleepless nights ahead of her, and that her whole world would be put on hold for a while – what and offering! I worried for her and wondered how long it would take before she would find relief. She had spoken of desires of adopting them if nothing else evolved and so I knew she was doing this out of her gift of love toward children; especially babies. Several days later she called me telling me that she received a call from a lady in Arizona inquiring about them. She had received more than one inquiry, but the call from Sarah was most poignant to her. She told me of her concern about all of inquiries and how it really wasn’t her place to be giving out details about the babies. Normally, I would have agreed with her and told her that she needed to discourage Sarah from further inquiry until the decision had been made to place the babies for adoption, but I found myself saying, “How do we not know that this is the hand of the Lord working here? We have no right to intervene if this is His will. If Sarah is meant to call and inquire, then who are we to stop her?” Rachelle quickly agreed. When she called me, days later, telling me that Sarah was flying up, I was surprised, but not worried. Peace seemed to settle on my heart. I drove over to Raquel’s to tell her that someone was coming to visit from Arizona. Her eyes became really wide when I told her, but then she just smiled and said, “Okay.” Meeting Sarah was like walking into a large grocery store and the overhead fans that are there to keep the cold air from coming in due to the constant opening of the doors hits you. I was enveloped with peace and love. It was such a happy day – even with the rain falling down. It was so exciting, waiting in the van, while she visited with Raquel – wondering what they were saying to each other. It was even better when Sarah was able to come to my house for dinner and that she would be able to see the babies, since I was watching them that night. My favorite memory is Jay’s response to the picture she sent him of her holding the babies. From that moment, it was like I no longer had control of the things I said. It was like someone else was thinking and speaking for me when ever I spoke with Raquel and the need that these babies needed to go with Sarah. I just knew that’s where they needed to be – it just seemed so clear. The fact that we were able to issue the notice for permanent guardianship to the Mother of the twins that Sunday and that Raquel was able to see the benefit of having the babies in a loving home was amazing. Everything seemed to just fall together. I should have been surprised when I told Sarah that Raquel wanted to meet Jay and she responded by telling me that he was already on his way, but confirmation hit me before the surprise could come. When I met Jay my heart smiled. I’m so glad I was able to go and visit with them in Rachelle’s home. I kept watching to see Raquel’s countenance, and all I saw were smiles. I’ll never forget handing a bottle to Jay and without thinking I said, “Here Daddy.” I don’t know if he heard me, and I felt a little chagrined, but there was nothing to say after that. I wasn’t there the day that Raquel brought her mother to Rachelle’s house to meet Sarah and Jay but I was touched by what Rachelle told me. I guess the greatest miracle was the reaction of the Grandmother. Rachelle and I were both hesitant that she wouldn’t be in favor of Sarah and Jay taking the twins. To our wonder, she apparently was a source of confirmation to Raquel that allowing the girls to go was the right thing to do. Listening to Rachelle describe the subtle tender mercies that unfolded that day brought tears to my eyes. How honored I felt to have been a part of all the miracles. It’s made me wonder, “Why did I get picked to be a part of something so beautiful?” I truly didn’t feel worthy, that’s for sure! The fact that Sarah, Jay, and Raquel were able to go out and meet with the lawyer on such an immediate notice was another witness of the Lord’s timing. How glad I was to know they were taking them lawfully without any room for questioning. The fact that the Judge didn’t contest the fact that babies were leaving out of the state is another miracle. I’d like to add that I had spoken with the Judge’s daughter several weeks prior to all of the “happenings”, and so he was aware of the entire situation when the papers came across his desk – I like to think it was the hand of the Lord prompting me to call his daughter so she could talk to him about it and make him aware of this special little case. I was touched by the fact that all of Jay’s family would drive out to Nyssa just to meet Raquel. This demonstrated to me the support and love Jay’s family had for each other and that love would be passed on to these little girls. I truly admired them all. It was that night that I noticed a difference with myself. I felt like my tongue was no longer loosed. I stumbled over my words. I felt a little awkward. It took me a while afterward to realize it was because my work was done. I was no longer needed and I humbly accept that glorious reality. I’m simply grateful for being able to witness this process of LOVE. I will cherish this experience for the rest of my life. I have no fear at this point, just faith in what is meant to be. Heavenly Father truly is keenly aware of each of us – even two little girls who deserved the very best.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Our Two Little Miracles

So many have asked to know the story behind our cute little miracles and I wanted to eventually share their story with all the details with each of you as a reminder that modern day miracles do happen, there is a Father in Heaven, and he does have a plan for each one of us. As we turn our lives over to him and have faith in him, he can make so much more out of our lives than we will ever be able to. I still have a hard time talking about the girls without getting emotional and I havent even started and my computer screen is already blurry by the tears coming down. I feel like we have been given these sweet gifts partly to share with those around us that God is real. He is mindful of each one of us. If you have ever lost faith, if you have ever doubted, if you are struggling with your own testimony our story will touch your heart and I have no doubt that through the spirit that hope will return. Each of us go through our own trials and tribulations and its good to hear these faith building stories to which Heavenly Father is the author. My testimony has been reborn of the mindfulness of our Heavenly Father. He really does know each and every desire of our hearts. He really does hear each and every prayer uttered out of our mouths in the dark of the night. He really does know our wants and our needs. I KNOW he laughs with us when we laugh and he cries with us when we cry. He carries us through our hard days and times until we are able to stand and when we are ready and the timing is right he blesses us. I wanted to write their story before I forgot the details AND to remind me of the greatness of The Plan and this gospel when I need a reminder. The last month or so I really felt the need to start going to the temple more regularly. I got off work early on Wednesdays so I decided I needed to go straight from work each Wednesday. As I attended the temple each Wednesday I noticed I had more patience and my mind was in the right place but I had several important decisions to make and I wasnt feeling like I was receiving any answers as to which direction I should go. It was frustrating to me because I felt like that was one gift I had in the past, to be able to receive answers and easily recognize the spirit. Many of you know Jay and I have been trying to start our own family for about 7 years. We have met with so many different doctors and so many different specialists. I have had every test there is to have and the drs. just can't seem to find anything wrong but yet none of the treatments were working. I had been pregnant 5 times and miscarried all five. We have had several adoption opportunities come only to not work out at the last minute. One of these imnportant decisions that I needed to make was what I needed to be doing to be proactive in starting our family. The treatments werent working and we had attended an LDS family services meeting to start the paperwork with them for adoption but I left the meeting not feeling 100% sure about that either. I was so confused and knew I wasnt getting any younger and wanted a family so badly and wanted to give my husband the opportunity to be a daddy soooo bad. I just knew he would be the best dad out there. I found myself frustrated, feeling like I was lost and not sure what to do and had been praying for soo long for some type of feeling or answer. I didnt feel like I was getting any answers. Thursday, January 12th, 2012 I had just gotten home from work it was about 6pm and I got a phone call from my sister-in-law who lives in Idaho. She said, I just heard about some twins that may need a home who were born in Oregon. She said Theresa who lives near my inlaws had heard about these babies through her brother Travis who is a doctor in this town in Oregon. She gave me the drs number in Oregon who would have more information for me. I called Travis and he said he didnt know a whole lot about the situation but gave me the phone number of the lady named Rachelle who was caring for the babies temporarily to help out the babies' grandma. I talked to Rachelle that night and told her that we were interested and to please keep our name in mind if there was a possibility that they would need a home. I talked with her off and on through out the week but she said grandma was still trying to figure out what would be best for these two sweet lil girls. I felt like miracle number one had already taken place for us to even hear about these girls through a chain of people who, most of them, we hadnt ever even met. Wednesday, the 18th I went to the temple again. I kept thinking about how frustrated I was that I just wasnt getting answers. I wasnt receiving promptings like I used to. Thursday, I was on my way to work and I stopped at McDonalds for breakfast. As I was driving to work I had a feeling to look at my hashbrown for a hair before I started eating it, but I ignored the prompting and started eating. My first bite I pulled out a HUGE long curly hair. Not just a lil hair but a very long one that I was sure not to miss!! This story is a lil funny but this is where it all started lol it was like Heavenly Father was telling me, you DO receive promptings, I AM listening, now quit feeling sorry for yourself and just listen. Thursday all day at work I kept receiving feelings and promptings that I needed to fly to Oregon to meet the grandma of these babies. I kept having the feeling that I needed to go that weekend and I needed to go by myself. They were VERY specific feelings I was getting. This is sooo not like me, to put my self out there like that, especially by myself. Keep in mind I hadn't even talked to grandma on the phone. For all I knew SHE didnt even know I existed. Had I not had the hashbrown experience right before this I can honestly say I wouldn't have gone. It was so out of my comfort zone and something I would normally would not do but I couldnt deny the feelings I was having. I told Jay, and he was very surprised that I felt so strongly about this but also very supportive and told me I needed to follow what I was feeling. I called Rachelle and told her that I was flying out there. I told her about the feelings I was having and I think even said I know you prob think I'm a crazy lady cuz Im thinking the same thing lol but I can't ignore what I'm feeling. I told her I needed to meet the grandma. I'm sure in her head she was thinking, well what if Grandma doesn't want to meet you!! lol She told me she wasn't sure if grandma was available and didn't want me to fly all the way out not knowing if she would be around to meet. I told her I felt so strongly about it I just knew it would work out somehow. We booked a ticket Thursday and I flew out Friday at 6am with just a carry on. My intentions were to fly out meet grandma and fly right back. Miracle number two took place on my flight. My flight was delayed in California. I was stuck there for quite some time. Because my flight was delayed I was going to be able to meet Mary who knows grandma as well because Rachelle had other plans that night. Rachelle and Mary are my earthly angels and I just thank Heavenly Father every single day for them and for giving me a chance and not automatically assuming I had lost my marbles ((which would have been easy to assume lol). I finally got to my destination and when I got to the town in Oregon where the grandma was I called Rachelle and she met me in a parking lot and then introduced me to Mary and also grandma. I was soooo extremely nervous. I thought I was going to pass out. I didnt know what I was going to say or how the conversation was going to start. I felt like I was on a blind date again but even worse. I sat with grandma in her car and immediately a feeling of peace came over me. I felt like I had known her longer than just the few minutes we had been together. We talked for awhile and afterwards I felt good. I felt like what I came to do (meet grandma) was done and I was ready to fly back home without the anxiety I had come with lol. But then she asked me to come back Sunday and go to church with them. To make a long story short by Sunday night I called Jay and told him to come out. He started driving Sunday night and got there Monday morning. By Tuesday we had met with an attorney and by Tuesday night we were leaving Oregon with the girls. In these few days there were soo many little miracles that took place, too personal to share publicly but that allowed us to take the girls so quickly. Normally these types of things don't happen so fast and even the attorney kept telling us that this was a special case and he had to jump through a bunch of loop holes ect ect. I have no doubt that all that happened was too much to simply be coincidence. I needed to be out there THAT weekend. After we got home with the girls grandma told us that the state came to take the girls. My first time meeting the girls Heavenly Father has been putting the puzzle together for some time and everything so quickly and so smoothly fell into place and blessed just doesnt seem like a word big enough to describe how Jay and I feel. Every single day when we cuddle and kiss on these girls we are reminded of our Heavenly Father's love for not only us but each one of his children. He has a plan for each of us. He wants us ALL to be happy, I have no doubt about this. Thank you Theresa, Travis, Mary, Rachelle, and Raquel for giving us a chance. For following your heart and taking part in being an answer to our prayers. There will ALWAYS be a special place in our hearts for each one of you. If any of you are reading this and feel the need to share your side of the story PLEASE do. I really feel like there are people out there that will be touched in one way or another. We would feel ungrateful if we didnt thank all of our friends and family members all over who have laughed with us, prayed with us, fasted with us, and cried with us through all of this. We have felt your love and support and we are humbled by so many of you who have showed this to us. Thank you!! Lastly, I hope we dont offend anyone by the overwhelming excitement we feel. If you are reading this and you struggle with infertility or if you have ever lost a baby dont give up. Dont loose hope. Be available in anyway possible to receive. Dont be ashamed to be open about it. Because I am so open about mine ive been able to talk to so many who struggle. So many who are hurting. Be strong. I know what you are feeling and I know what you go through everyday! Let those around you help you through it. You have nothing to be ashamed about. Dont loose hope!! When the timing is right you too will have your story to tell if you continue believing. I have no doubt!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

My New Addiction

I love crafts, creating, and decorating. I would love to buy an old house and re-do it completely and then open up a boutique inside it. My new addiction these days is spicing up little onesies. Heres a few I started on that turned out so adorable.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

I Love my Nieces and Nephews

I love my nieces and nephews. They each mean so much to me and we ALWAYS have a blast when we are together!!! :o)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Counting My Many Blessings

Lately I have been thinking about how blessed I have been in my life. How I have been lead and guided to the things I needed to do and the paths I needed to choose. I am so grateful for a Heavenly Father who has a plan. Who knows the best way for us and as we humble ourselves and allow him to take the reigns "How great will be our joy". He will make so much more out of our lives than we would be able to by ourselves without him. I am grateful for a young boy, even Joseph Smith who had a question. Who had the faith of a child to kneel in prayer and ask our Father in Heaven which church is true. I am grateful for a Heavenly Father who appeared to this young boy with his son Jesus Christ to give him the answer he was searching for. Heavenly Father called him by name. He knew young Joseph by his first name, and just as he knew Joseph by his first name I testify and know with out a shadow of a doubt our Father in Heaven knows each of us by name. He knows the desires of our hearts. I have no doubt he cries with us when we cry. He celebrates with us when we celebrate and he wants nothing else than for us to be happy. If we can somehow see the light at the end of the tunnel in our darkest hours HE has prepared a way for us to see the rainbow and sunshine after those dark rainy, stormy days. I have THE strongest testimony of this because one of my greatest challenges in life right now is not being able to start my own family, not being able to be a mother and love a little one, and not being able to provide my dear sweet husband with that opportunity. After each miscarriage, after each fertility treatment that didnt work, and after each adoption that didnt go through at the last minute, right when I thought I couldn't take the pain any longer, my dear sweet savior stepped in and took away the heavy burden. He lifted me up to my feet and carried me until I could walk again. Just as I have my struggles and challenges I know each of you go through those rainy days as well and I just want each of you to know that Heavenly Father is mindful of you. He feels what you are feeling and as you open that door he will be there on the other side of it waiting and willing to help, but the handle is on our side and we must be the ones to let him in. These last few days as I have been contemplating the blessings in my life I just am so humbled and grateful to have been able to meet such a sweet, caring, humble husband. He is the most christ like person I have ever met. He would give the shirt off his back to anyone and he has so much love in his heart. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be a missionary in Montevideo Uruguay. To have the opportunity to take part in the culture there and learn the spanish language. I am grateful to the people of Uruguay for changing me. Naci en Nuevo Mexico pero naci espiritualmente en uruguay y estoy tan agradecida por la gente de Uruguay y por los ejemplos que han sido. Estoy tan agradecida que podia ser misionera ahi y ensenar las personas ahi de Jesu Cristo y de la plan. Deje un parte de mi corizon ahi en Uruguay y amo mucho la gente ahi. I left part of my heart in uruguay and I love so much the people of Uruguay. There will always be a special place in my heart for them. Below are some pictures of my mission:

Below are some pictures of when jay proposed to me. For those of you that don't know Jay and I dated for about 2 years and then he left on a mission to Toronto Canada. After he was out for about a year I got my mission call to Uruguay and then He got home six months before me. Two weeks after I got home he proposed in his national championship football game on the fifty yard line in front of thousands of people!! I was sooo embarrassed!!!
We were married in the Salt Lake Temple on May 14, 2004.
We lived in St. George for the summer and then my husband was recruited to play football in the capitol of Mississippi, Jackson. We lived there for a few years while we both went to school. We made so many memories and made so many friends that we miss dearly! We were there during Huricanne Katrina and that was an experience we will never forget!!
I love Jay Buck

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Angels of Nursery

I love my ward here in Arizona. They really are the best. I was so sad when I got release from the Relief Society and was shocked when I got called the be the nursery coordinator. I immediately thought there is no way I can be good at and wasnt too sure about the drastic change. Well let me tell you, I was completely wrong. I LOVE nursery. I still can't get through singing time without crying lol Their sweet voices touch my heart in an unbelievable way as I hear them sing of the savior. I'm pretty sure if the savior were to visit our building he would come to nursery first and I feel so blessed to be amongst such sweet lil angels. A few Sundays ago I got to sub for Cassi in her class and we had so much fun. We made Turkeys for thanksgiving and our lesson was on the Holy Ghost. The kids LOVE to turn he lights off and we are always telling them not to so I got glow in the dark necklaces and gave one to each of them and had one of them turn the lights out and we talked about how the holy ghost is like our glow in the dark necklaces. He gives us light when it is dark and helps us not to be afraid. They were so cute and listened so well. Sometimes I feel inadequate not being a mom myself and I worry about not having the tools and the experience I need so when I received an email from Lisa and Brian Moore I started to cry. They were in nursery that Sunday and their sister in law was there with her twin girls and litle boy and Brian and Lisa sent me an email just letting me know what a great job I did and then sent me the link to their sister in laws blog where she talked about that Sunday in nursery and it seriously made my day. It's amazing how Heavenly Father, in each calling we have gives us the knowledge and keys that we need to succeed. Heres the link to her blog she got some really cute pictures as well.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lana Hollingsworth

I just wanted to say thank you so very much for everyone who helped Jay and I with the Love for Lana benfit. I wanted to let you know we raised over 10,000 for this cause and I was so overwhelmed with how many people offered to jump in and help me. I know Marv and the whole family are so extremely grateful for the countless hours of service and I wouldnt have been able to do any of it without all of your help. For those of you that didn't know about it. Lana a neighbor of mine was attacked by a bear at her mountain home in pinetop, Arizona. She underwent several surgeries to fix the damage that was done. She was in critical but stable condition. I knew Marv would need help with the many hospital expenses so I talked to my boss Dr. Heap to see if we might be able to open up our dental office on Friday and Saturday and do cleanings, exams,xrays, and whitening. And then donate the money paid for these services to Lana. He excitedly agreed and thats where this amazing benefits started. I had so many people wanting to help it expanded out of the dental office to the outside parking lot where the Gilbert fire department was doing a car wash, there was a bake sale, and just lots and lots of different booths. I was amazed at the turnout. Lana's story was a breaking news story on all the news stations and they soon learned of the benefit as well and helped us out so much by letting everyone know in the community about this benefit. I did several news interviews trying to get the word out and again it was incredible the turn out. As I was running around a lil crazy at the benefit making sure everyone had enough water and that everything was running smoothing, I took a turn at the car wash to let the others take a break and as I was washing cars a man drove through and handed me a check for 600 dollars. He wouldnt even let us wash his car. He said he had heard the story on the news and wanted to help out. It is so nice to know there are still christ like people like this man in the world today. I was brought to tears by the generosity of everyone and also ALL of the help I received setting up this even and making it happen. Shortly after our benefit Lana's brain started to hemorrage and shortly after she passed away. She was such a great example to many and dedicated her life to serving others. I will never forget her example and I will strive each day the rest of my life to live a life full of service and love as she did. I did the video that was playing at her viewing and funeral and I wanted to share it with you all. The comments on her video are taken from her facebook as this was all going on. NEWS ARTICLE

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Aspynn Jene Babcock 19.5 inches and 7.4 pounds

Well tonight was an absolutely incredible night. I have never watched the birth of a baby and never really was interested in ever watching one but my sister talked me into it tonight and I have to say it was one of the most spiritual...breath taking experiences I have EVER experienced in my life! Everything went soo smoothly and Mama and baby are doing soo well!! Aspynn came out and didn't even cry...she was soo patient and so mellow and sooo adorably sweet right from the get go!! I had a hard time holding back the tears as I witnessed such an amazing miracle take place. I cannot wait for my day and time to come but until then I am absolutely enjoying every moment of each of my neices and nephews!! Thanks Tav for sharing!! You did such a good job and you are such an incredible mom!! Congratulations!!!

Good Job Mama!!!
This is a funny Brandon called and asked for a pizza to be delivered to the labor and delivery room right before Tavah delivered. He gave the pizza boy the code to get into labor and delivery and also the room number. We thought for sure he would show up with the pizza right in the middle but he showed up right outside the room Tav was in just after the delivery...just in time for us all to chow down!!! Sooo funny!!
I could not get enough of her....she is sooo incredibly sweet!!
She already LOVES auntie Sarah!!! haha
Such a tender moment!!
This was when Tav was dilated to a 9 and we were ALL soo excited!!!
Right after the epidural kicked in....notice the huge facial expression difference in Tav's face with the pic just below this!!! lol
Trying to crack a smile inbetween contractions.....BEFORE the epidural!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Family With Five Kids In Need Of Help

There is a family moving here from Texas and they can't afford to bring anything with them. We are trying to gather up beds and furniture and anything else we can that you would need in an apartment. If any of you have anything at all that you might be able to donate to them or even just allow them to use temporarily please let me know. Anything extra you have would help.....

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sooo Behind On Blogging

I am soo behind to say the least. We have had such an adventorous summer and have had sooo much going on. I have soo many pictures to post and things to update on but for now I will give you a sneak preview of our new family pictures. Michelle did an absolutely wonderful job and there are soo many fun ones. Jay and I are having a hard time choosing which one to blow up...we need your help!!! She still hasn't edited them but here is a sneak peak. Oh and visit Michelle's site She really is amazing!




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